Hospitality and Tourism Management

Prerequisite: Principals of Hospitality and Tourism

The course objectives of Hospitality and Tourism Management focus on the leadership and managerial knowledge, skills, and abilities required for advancement in a management track in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students completing this course will know and be able to describe segments of the hospitality and tourism industry, and explain the process for selecting an industry segment in which to work, identify the types of leadership positions available in the industry, participate in a variety of interviews (mock and real) to assess personal strengths and weaknesses and make improvements, apply the steps in setting performance goals and ensuring that employee performance meets property standards, summarize the key duties and responsibility of the front office manager, executive housekeeper and chief engineer, identify the reports attached to the night audit process, discuss how revenue centers and cost centers are managed to ensure profitability, identify components of income statements and balance sheets, and explain the relationship among customer safety, customer satisfaction and repeat guest business.


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