Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

The course objective of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP) is to provide students with broad-based learning on the tasks, knowledge, and skills required by anyone wishing to build a career within the hospitality and tourism industry. The content of the first course includes information that is required for operational level employee positions and responsibilities. Students completing this course will know and be able to understand the importance of the hospitality and tourism industry in local and regional economies, identify a variety of businesses that make up the hospitality and tourism industry and to describe the role that each plays in the industry, understand the career options and career paths available to people seeking to build a career in hospitality and tourism, articulate how a seamless guest experience is managed by employees and the property, demonstrate how to determine guests’ wants and needs in order to meet and exceed expectations relate how providing quality customer service encourages repeat guest business, compare characteristics that differentiate average customer service to “above and beyond” guest service, explain the concept of guest recovery while handling guest complaints, (both written and oral) when communicating to employees and guests, and explain how to implement and consistently use financial controls for labor costs, food costs, menu pricing and cash control in a food and beverage operation.


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