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Program Overview:

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The Interactive Media Production (IMP) program is a program within the Arts, Media, and Communication Career Cluster.  As such, it includes a strong foundation in arts and communication with particular emphasis on design, graphic and media communications, interactive technologies, and project development.  Students complete two foundation courses in Arts, Media and Communication and Interactive Multimedia Production before selecting one of two options for advanced study — Interactive Multimedia Production or Simulation and Gaming.

Upon completion of the two foundation courses, students may focus on Advanced Interactive Multimedia Production or Advanced Simulation and GamingInteractive Media Production is aligned to NWCET standards and college-level media programs.  Students will work in teams to plan and design projects.  Student will gain experience in Internet technology and website development, computer graphics, digital media production and project management.  Students produce three-dimensional models, two-dimensional animations, layered images, streaming media and web pages for portfolios.

Simulation and Gaming is aligned to the IGDA standards and curriculum framework.  Students advance their understanding and skill level in computer game design and interactive programming.  Students will advance their knowledge and use of game concept development, writing documentation, designing user interfaces, programming, testing games, marketing and publishing.  Team members will plan, build, design and produce game products to be included in their portfolio.

Students completing this program will be able to:

  • Understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a range of career options in the AMC Career Cluster;
  • Use advanced graphic arts and interactive media technology to produce a variety of communication products;
  • Demonstrate the ability to design, author, and publish interactive media products;
  • Work effectively in teams to produce interactive media products; and
  • Develop and use a portfolio as an evaluative tool as they progress through the program and plan for further education.
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