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 If after completing the career counseling activities on our website, you have decided that you would like to participate in a program at Worcester Tech, then WELCOME TO THE WT FAMILY! Students may request a program at Worcester Technical High School by selecting the appropriate courses during the course request process at their comprehensive high school. This process begins in February for grades 9 through 11 and request are usually due in March. This process is overseen by your school counselor.

Most students enter programs at the beginning of their 10 , 11 , or even 12 grade school year. Some programs are 1 year, while others can take 2 years. Your entry point depends on what is best for you as a learner. It’s important to ask yourself – am I prepared for this experience? Am I interested in this program? Our website is an invaluable resource, and many programs have Social Media pages. Digesting that content will help you to decide the right pathway for you and the right timing. If you are unsure, then wait. Some students come to a program that they are not sure about, end up not liking it, and then don’t have enough space in their schedule to pursue what they really wanted. So, take some time – consider what you have learned about yourself and continue to pursue experiences in those areas. If it’s cars – go on YouTube and learn about cars, visit a mechanics shop – did you like that? If the answer is no, then try something else. No need to worry! WT counselors and the counselors from your comprehensive high school will continue to assist you each year through this process.

If you think that you are interested in a WT STEAM program (Agricultural Science, Bio-Medical Science, Computer Science, Interactive Media, and Pre-Engineering) these are available to students beginning in 9th grade. These academies offer students access to specialized instruction. They are designed for students who enjoy a challenge and want extra preparation in an area that they have determined fits their future career pathway. The academies rely heavily on working cooperatively in a group, hands-on activities, and emphasize problem solving. The STEAM academies prepare students to competitively pursue rigorous college studies after graduation. Because of this, pre-requisites for a STEAM program include being self- motivated, having interest in the content, a willingness to commit to a rigorous curriculum experience, good attendance, and a successful past academic record. If you feel as though you or your child have not yet met these pre-requisites, then it is recommended that you make your request for a STEAM program later in your high school experience. All programs are also available to all students with a 10th or 11th grade entry date. It is recommended that students who have not experienced and demonstrated success with rigorous curriculum spend grades 9 and/or 10 doing so and make their request for a STEAM program at a later date. All grade 8 students will receive an orientation to Worcester Tech in December or January and will be guided through the course request process which is due usually no later than March 1. We wish you the best in your continued pathway journey and WT is always glad to support you.


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