Staff Directory


First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Julia Hill jehill@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Math
Christopher Gooding ctgooding@mail.worcester.k12.md.us United States history
Joseph Miller jtmiller@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Environmental Science
Megan Tull mtull@mail.worcester.k12.md.us British Literature, Dual Enrollment
Tammy Proctor tlproctor@mail.worcester.k12.md.us World History


First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Virginia Warren vwarren@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Administrative Secretary/Attendance
Caroline Bloxom chbloxom@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Principal
Thomas Hamill tjhamil@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Assistant Principal

Administrative Office

First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Crystal Bunting chbunting@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Bookkeeper

Community Work Experience

First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Dave Willett jdwillett@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Job Coach
Jeff Wootten jwwootten@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Work Study Coordinator
Kassie Blakelock ckblakelock@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Job Coach
Matthew Elburn mwelburn@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Community Work Experience Coordinator


First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Bill Abbott weabbott@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Custodian
Charlie Willey cawilley@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Head Custodian
Heung Han Custodian
James Fooks jffooks@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Custodian
Quincie Lewis gqlewis@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Custodian


First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Jennifer Howard JSHoward@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Guidance
Kim Herbert keherbert@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Guidance Administrative Assistant
Shelley Mason smmason@mail.worcester.k12.md.us School Counselor

Health and Human Services

First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Aarti Sangwan ASangwan@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Pre-Engineering, Computer Science, Bio-Medical Science, Physics
Patricia Hands PAHand@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Cosmetology
Caitlin Evans cmevans@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Hospitality and Tourism Management
Diane Carey decarey@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Early Childhood Education
Michael Levy malevy@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Criminal Justice, Homeland Security
Penny Makuchal pjmakuchal@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Nursing
Phil Cropper pecropper@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Culinary Arts
Rachel Watson rwatson@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Cosmetology
William Severn wasevern@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Biomedical Science, AP Biology

Information Technology

First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Clay Reister hcreister@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Interactive Media Production
Jason Konyar jekonyar@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Business Management & Finance, FBLA Advisor
Silviya Gallo SMGallo@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Aerospace Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Homeland Security, Math, Civil Engineering, Architecture
Valerie Zienty VZienty@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Pre-Engineering, Computer Science, Bio-Medical Science, Physics

Student Services

First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Dianne Matthews dymatthews@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant
Ella Topping edtopping@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant
Florence Donoway fmdonoay@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant
John Paul Adkins jpadkins@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Special Education
Kim Rolley karolley@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant
Neelam Storm Educational Assistant, Community Work Experience
Rachael Warren rkwarren@mail.worcester.k12.md.us School Nurse
Ryan Wilson rmwilson@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant
Shannon Best slbest@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant
Tammy Hauck tlhauck@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Educational Assistant

Trades and Industry

First Name Last Name Email URL Position
Clint Timmons cctimmons@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Automotive Technology, Carpentry
Jessica Flores JLFlores@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Agricultural Science
Rick Stephens rlstephens@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Welding, Computer Inegrated Manufacturing, SkillsUSA Advisor
Rob Land rkland@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Construction Design & Management
Scott Hunter sjhunter@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Renewable Energies, Marine Biology
Tony Saullo ajsaullo@mail.worcester.k12.md.us Automotive Technology
Tracy Lewis tmlewis@mail.worcester.k12.md.us HVAC/R


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